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Doctor Who Story 177 – Army of Ghosts/Doomsday


Torchwood are a bunch of assholes.

Army of Ghosts

“Planet Earth, this is where I was born, and this is where I die.” No, you’re going to die on a parallel earth.

You didn’t die, and you can’t narrate your own death! This whole terrible thread is making me look forward to Billie leaving.

I do love Martha.

Jackie kissing the Doctor is amazing.

Yay! The Torchwood theme song.

Freema’s a babe!

The Doctor is more Scooby Doo than Ghostbuster.

She’s wearing two bluetooth headsets. That just seems silly. Also, remember bluetooth headsets?

I think that’s the first “allons y.”

I love Jackie as “Rose.”

I want real Martha. The one who is a doctor, like the Doctor.

That might be the only time I’ve been happy to see Mickey Smith.

Daleks and Cybermen, whee!

I’m enjoying this episode more than I remembered.


Bad guys are coming.


Stop being so dramatic, not-dead Rose!

Things this is not: The story of how you died.

“Cybermen will remove sex?” I did not sign up for that.

The conversation between Daleks and Cybermen is terrible and takes too long. Okay, the Daleks saying “this isn’t war, this is pest control” is brilliant.

“Social interaction will cease.”

Aww, Jackie and Pete love one another.

I enjoy the Dalek shouting “Elevate.”

They should’ve just rigged up a remote starter and done it from the other room.

“Emergency temporal shift” is a good way to keep the Daleks going. They usually don’t bother in Doctor Who, though.

Why was Pete not sucked into the void?

I know he never got to say it, but god damn, they never should have made it that he was about to say it. Stupid Doctor loving his companion. He didn’t even love Susan, and she was his granddaughter.



Well, if I watch one video a day, I’ll be done by January 2022. Unless I die of COVID first.

I assume that was a hair stylist, but it really looked like Billie was getting a great scalp massage.

This is a lot about Torchwood, the show. I assume at some point they’ll discuss Rose leaving the show, but there’s only 10 minutes left. Make that 5 minutes left. There we go. Okay, we’re back at Canary Wharf, but no talk about Rose, and we’re down to three minutes now.

Oh, this is the wrong episode. This is the Confidential for part one, I don’t have the next one.

Doctor Who Story 176 – Fear Her


Is that supposed to be a true crime YouTube channel? If it was done now, it would be a podcast.


Before we start, this episode sucks.

So, old lady should be prime suspect now.

Mom wakes up a kids laptop and it’s streaming live news. Really? That’s what a kid was doing on her laptop?

This kid needs some mental health support.

Wow, this kid is going through some serious trauma and the mom just wants her to forget her dead dad.

Who thought it was a good idea to have a Doctor Who story centring around a child?

Did she just whisper “feel the love” into a spaceship?

Someone needs to hire a few therapists.

God, this might be the worst episode of Doctor Who ever.

At least they’re not foreshadowing her death now, just them splitting.

Martha in the trailer!1


I guess it makes sense that the creatives involved in the show all think that creepy children is good for storytelling. It’s not. Stop doing it. Children, yuck.

There were a lot of clips from the first couple of years of Doctor Who and a lot of William Russell, who played Ian. That inspired me to Google him. The dude is in his mid 90s. And his kid was in all the Harry Potter films.

  1. Yeah, I know it’s not Martha. []

Doctor Who Story 175 – Love & Monsters


These Tardisodes are really bad.

Love & Monsters

I love the Scooby Doo scene in this episode.

This is the second time they’ve called back to the Slitheen.

I love that Elton loves ELO.

Stop foreshadowing deaths that aren’t deaths. Ursula doesn’t die.

Mr. Skinner’s novel is great. I love this group of people that come together for something silly, a time travelling alien, and just become genuine friends.

If this episode were just LINDA hanging out, it would be better.

Elton trying to “infiltrate” Jackie is amazing.

Jackie’s a slut, and I love it.

I also love the high percentage of this episode that features “Mr. Blue Sky.”

I just remembered that Ursula is Moaning Myrtle.

I forgot that Elton named his species.

I love that the Doctor arrives so that Rose can yell at Elton.

David Tennant’s delivery of “Elton, fetch a spade!” is perfection.

The blowjob joke wasn’t needed.


Hahaha! The Dalek on Blue Peter is amazing.

Look at all the old technology.

Doctor Who Story 174 – The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit


This feels like a University student project.

The Impossible Planet

This is not tense at all when you know the Ood are adorable little creatures.

My wife seems to think this is a good episode. I remember it being horrible.

“Since when did Humans need slaves?” Umm…

Oh, they’ll get the TARDIS back.

She just kissed his helmet. Now he has a smear in his eye line.

This episode reminds me so much of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.


The production values on this are terrible.

The Satan Pit

The pit is open.

I love that it’s literally the devil.

Oh yeah, foreshadowing about Rose’s “death.” I hate when new Doctor Who foreshadows a death without ever actually paying it off.

“There’s no way out. They’re stuck down there.” WITH THE TARDIS!

Why are they commenting on each other’s asses while running for their lives?

He wants to die of suffocation, prefers that to Ood. The death by Ood seems much quicker than suffocation. I think I’d take that.

I thought the body was just an empty shell, why is it understanding what the Doctor says and laughing at it.


I apparently don’t have access to the previous Confidential, for part one, but I’m cool with that. These aren’t interesting. Let’s see if I have any commentary on this one.

HAHAHAHAHA! She said “tuh-toos” like Bronconius in Bob’s Burgers.

Doctor Who Story 173 – The Idiot’s Lantern


That old lady looks like the granny from “Nanageddon.”


Oh my god! It is Nanageddon.

Oh god, Rose wants Vegas-era Elvis. She really is an idiot.

I like the Doctor barging his way into that house by pretending to be working for the Queen.

God this episode is terrible.

*gasp* She’s in colour!

Once again, you have another supporting character who would be a better companion than Mickey. Hello Tommy.

That made no sense whatsoever. At least he stored her on Betamax, no one will be able to play it.

Doctor Who Story 172 – Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel


A little bit of back story that will be told in a few seconds in the actual episodes and a few shots of Mickey/Ricky driving a truck.

Rise of the Cybermen

Wow that is the most moustache twirling villain, ever.

Noel Clarke still hasn’t made it into the opening credits.

Just a coincidence that they land right beside a billboard of Pete Tyler.

Hahaha! The bad guy is terrible.

The punk homeless dude looks ridiculous.

I like Ricky’s bubie.

I think the British President is going to die.

Double Ricky!

After two of the best Doctor Who episodes, we get this garbage.


Why isn’t this two parter part of the missing episodes of Doctor Who?

Can I just say that the Cybermen suck compared to the Borg.


That was just completely uninteresting.

The Age of Steel

The Doctor is optimistic that the police will do something against a rich person.

Mrs. Moore is great, and another example of a potentially great companion.

“He will be rewarded by force.”

He’s been Cybered, but he still can’t even walk, poor buddy.

This is the most gruesome mass murder in all of Doctor Who. He stopped them from feeling things and now they are all overcome with the pain of being a Cyberman.

Why aren’t they climbing? Also, how’s Mickey going to land that thing.

Goodbye Mickey, it was fun.

Oh, this next one sucks, too.

Remember when each episode ended with thanks to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation? Maybe the CBC should make its own Doctor Who show. There’s The Great Canadian Baking Show why can’t there be Doctor Who (Canada)?


A lot of Mickey talk.

Doctor Who Story 171 – The Girl in the Fireplace


Oh, we see the crew before they all die. That was creepy.


This is the first episode where Mickey is officially a companion. I’ve been tagging him in all episodes he appears in as he eventually became a companion. If you look at all the stories, I tag the actors who play the Doctor, Master and the companions (by character name, not actor name).

Okay, this is definitely one of my all time top Doctor Who stories.

Madame de Pompadour screaming out for the Doctor into the fireplace is such a good teaser and then to jump 3000 years later to a spaceship is great.

“They didn’t nip out for a quick fag.” I don’t think you know what that means, Rose.

“That’s the TARDIS, translates for ya.” “Even French?” Oh, the UK.

I really enjoy Tennant’s interactions with young Reinette.

“I’m the Doctor and I just snogged Madame de Pompadour.”

“What’s a horse doing on a spaceship?” “Mickey, what’s pre-revolutionary France doing on a spaceship?”

Moffat was good at planting little bits of mystery to bring it back to Doctor Who, just don’t let him solve any of them.

What’s with Moffat and bananas?

The Doctor is stuck now.

The Doctor should know about relativity, and he shouldn’t have to be too dumb about how he won’t return immediately. If she needed to pack a bag. He should have waited.

Is that the first time that Mickey successfully read the room, by knowing to leave the Doctor alone.

The ending of this episode is perfect.


Nothing to write about, other than Moffat crying because he wasn’t going to get a horse. They gave him a horse.

Doctor Who Story 170 – School Reunion


Oh, it’s about Mickey. I really hoped it would be a precursor with Sarah Jane Smith.


Anthony Head! Yes! I love Giles.

When you work in a school, do not eat children. It’s a bad idea. You should know better Giles, you usually just arm the children and make them kill vampires. Now you’re a beast and dining on children.

I would like to have the Doctor as my teacher.

Upset Rose is fantastic.

Sarah Jane!

Aww, the look on the Doctor’s face is so nice. He shows how the audience should feel to have perhaps the most iconic companion back on the show. It’s glee, and I feel it with him.

They need to hug. I want them to hug.

David Tennant is so good to show glee.

I agree with Sarah, the Doctor could have come back. Dropping her in Aberdeen was such an asshole thing to do.

Mickey, you’re not “the tin dog.” You’re nowhere near as awesome as K9.

Rose, the Doctor will leave you behind. He left behind his own granddaughter.

I think the companions could be a great group of friends. They all have lived through something so few have done.

K9 is so much better than Mickey.

Sarah is so great.

Apparently breaking a monitor breaks an entire network of devices.

While the Troughton is still my favourite Doctor, this might be the best Doctor Who to date. The story isn’t too sprawling. It’s fun and silly and enjoyable. Has lines like “forget the shooty dog thing.” It’s a great story. I know that there are better episodes coming up, particularly in the Matt Smith days, but bravo.

See, at least Mickey doesn’t just break a screen, he follows the wires. But why are there sparks when he unplugs everything. Also, why is everything plugged into one socket? That seems like a bad idea.

The “affirmative” when the Doctor tells K9 he’s a good boy is perfection.

Giles gnarles “You bad dog!” K9 replies “affirmative.”

Oh good, he’s hugging Sarah after the loss of K9.

I wish Sarah came with them. I’d rather have her than Rose.

“Some things are worth getting your heart broken for.” A great line.

I wish her spinoff was better, but the biggest problem is that it was meant for little kids.

Oh, next episode is even better than this one!


The person on set doing K9’s voice is silly. John Leeson did his recording in studio.

Yes, they’re playing the opening credits to K9 and Company. K9!

Hell, if they gave us K9 instead of Mickey Smith, I would have been okay with that.

Susan’s farewell was just shown, and it’s so bad. He’s such an asshole.

Now they’re showing him saying goodbye to Jamie and Zoe. :`(

Doctor Who Story 169 – Tooth and Claw


It took 300 years for the werewolfe to find a victim?


Scottish Monk Ninjas.

This story is so ridiculous.

It’s nice that the David Tennant gets to use his accent.

“James McCrimmon!” I miss Jamie. Best companion, ever.

If I were Vicky, I’d slap Rose.

This episode is terrible.

Oh, they got knighted. And now the Doctor is being exiled. She’s going to start Torchwood.


Nothing to see here.

Doctor Who Story 168 – New Earth


Really? That’s what they’re calling the mini-episode? Bad name.

So this is an ad for a hospital. It adds nothing to the story. I think most will be like that.


I haven’t mentioned this before, but I’m so happy they got rid of face during the opening credits.

David Tennant seems so happy to be the Doctor.

Gross, don’t refer to your adventures as dates.

Cassandra is horrible. I’m surprised they brought her back.

“The lonely god…” I dislike this description of the Doctor.

Also, I think the writers are overestimating Rose’s attractiveness.

The Doctor is suspicious.

Cassandra switching between the Doctor and Rose is amazing.

He can cure everyone of everything, and then the cure passes by touch, so why were these people locked up in the first place?

How come past and future Cassandra can touch one another?


I can’t believe that David Tennant was even considering saying no.