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Rose Tyler

Doctor Who Story 240 – The Day of the Doctor

“The Day of the Doctor” is the 50th anniversary special, but it was preceded and succeeded by many many other pieces that were airing throughout that year. This post will cover them all. I’m going to add to this, that this 50th anniversary was what inspired me to watch every episode of Doctor Who. It took a long time to get this point. Almost 10 years. I’m proud of myself, good job Adam! The Doctors Revisited: The First Doctor “As a kid I found the Doctor terrifying,” said Neil Gaiman. Yeah, he was a complete asshole. Oh nice, they got Ian to be interviewed. The ladies are so overcome by… Read More »Doctor Who Story 240 – The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who Story 202 – The End of Time

Dreamland A decent story about Area 51 would be nice, but I don’t think this is it. But it’s nice that David and Georgia got to work together again. I assume they were a couple by this point. The Doctor making Die Hard and Alien references is great. I wouldn’t mind the Doctor having an indigenous companion. Uh oh, the military is controlled by an alien. This animation style makes David Tennant look sickly. There’s too many groups in this story. The US military, the Roswell Greys, the insects, the swarm, the robots. People pick up the TARDIS way too easily. Doctor, don’t set up other people with your wife.… Read More »Doctor Who Story 202 – The End of Time

Doctor Who Story 198 – The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End

The Stolen Earth The milkman looks like Spike. Are there still milkmen in Britain? Someone stole Earth. Martha! Wilf is the best companion. Good news, Rose is there to save the day! They all got into the opening credits, that’s nice. Russell Davies loves newscasters. Really? This is what she bothers with? The Earth has been moved and spaceships are en route, and she’s worrying about looters? Jealous Ianto. Martha is on a bluetooth headset with Jack, yet the general she’s conversing with in person hears Jack telling her not to do it. Wilfred with the paintball gun is fun. “Do you have a webcam?” “She wouldn’t let me, says… Read More »Doctor Who Story 198 – The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End

Doctor Who Story 197 – Turn Left

That accent is horrible. I remember this episode was terrible, but also I remember it not making sense. Donna’s mom is cruel. The “there’s something on your back” makes no sense. It’s Rose! Martha is dead. :( Sarah Jane Smith is also dead. :( That’s horrible. And the kids from the show. Yikes, this episode is dark. Rose is back. Now the Queen is dead. This is really dark. Ianto and Gwen are dead, too. That dude is way too positive about being sent to a labour camp. Wilf is shaking his head sad that Donna knows so little about history. I’m also doing that, but I expected it. The… Read More »Doctor Who Story 197 – Turn Left

Doctor Who Serial 189 – Partners in Crime

Donna, don’t use your real name. Look at the Doctor, he’s using John Smith. Who on earth would be dumb enough to print an entire customer database without your boss’s approval. Now as for sales calls, why are they? They’re selling a miracle diet pill. It will sell like crazy, and just sell it online. Also, why is it so small? that was like four sheets of paper, and Donna took both hers and the Doctors, so their client list fits on two sheets of A4. How does Adipose Industries have authorization for to have a siren on their vehicle? The Adipose are adorable. You can tell that drivers in… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 189 – Partners in Crime

Doctor Who Story 177 – Army of Ghosts/Doomsday

Tardisode Torchwood are a bunch of assholes. Army of Ghosts “Planet Earth, this is where I was born, and this is where I die.” No, you’re going to die on a parallel earth. You didn’t die, and you can’t narrate your own death! This whole terrible thread is making me look forward to Billie leaving. I do love Martha. Jackie kissing the Doctor is amazing. Yay! The Torchwood theme song. Freema’s a babe! The Doctor is more Scooby Doo than Ghostbuster. She’s wearing two bluetooth headsets. That just seems silly. Also, remember bluetooth headsets? I think that’s the first “allons y.” I love Jackie as “Rose.” I want real Martha.… Read More »Doctor Who Story 177 – Army of Ghosts/Doomsday

Doctor Who Story 176 – Fear Her

Tardisode Is that supposed to be a true crime YouTube channel? If it was done now, it would be a podcast. Episode Before we start, this episode sucks. So, old lady should be prime suspect now. Mom wakes up a kids laptop and it’s streaming live news. Really? That’s what a kid was doing on her laptop? This kid needs some mental health support. Wow, this kid is going through some serious trauma and the mom just wants her to forget her dead dad. Who thought it was a good idea to have a Doctor Who story centring around a child? Did she just whisper “feel the love” into a… Read More »Doctor Who Story 176 – Fear Her

Doctor Who Story 175 – Love & Monsters

Tardisode These Tardisodes are really bad. Love & Monsters I love the Scooby Doo scene in this episode. This is the second time they’ve called back to the Slitheen. I love that Elton loves ELO. Stop foreshadowing deaths that aren’t deaths. Ursula doesn’t die. Mr. Skinner’s novel is great. I love this group of people that come together for something silly, a time travelling alien, and just become genuine friends. If this episode were just LINDA hanging out, it would be better. Elton trying to “infiltrate” Jackie is amazing. Jackie’s a slut, and I love it. I also love the high percentage of this episode that features “Mr. Blue Sky.”… Read More »Doctor Who Story 175 – Love & Monsters

Doctor Who Story 174 – The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

Tardisode This feels like a University student project. The Impossible Planet This is not tense at all when you know the Ood are adorable little creatures. My wife seems to think this is a good episode. I remember it being horrible. “Since when did Humans need slaves?” Umm… Oh, they’ll get the TARDIS back. She just kissed his helmet. Now he has a smear in his eye line. This episode reminds me so much of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Tardisode The production values on this are terrible. The Satan Pit The pit is open. I love that it’s literally the devil. Oh yeah, foreshadowing about Rose’s “death.” I… Read More »Doctor Who Story 174 – The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

Doctor Who Story 173 – The Idiot’s Lantern

Tardisode That old lady looks like the granny from “Nanageddon.” Episode Oh my god! It is Nanageddon. Oh god, Rose wants Vegas-era Elvis. She really is an idiot. I like the Doctor barging his way into that house by pretending to be working for the Queen. God this episode is terrible. *gasp* She’s in colour! Once again, you have another supporting character who would be a better companion than Mickey. Hello Tommy. That made no sense whatsoever. At least he stored her on Betamax, no one will be able to play it.