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Young People Fucking

Young People Fucking, written and directed by Martin Gero is according to the IMDB one of the top grossing Anglo-Canadian films. For those who don’t know, Gero is a staff writer for Stargate Universe (previously Stargate Atlantis) and Bored To Death. Shows I’m quite fond of. When I had heard he made a film, I was excited to see it. Unlike most Canadian films, I was able to find it playing in a rather large cinema, and went. Now years later, I decided it was time to rewatch the film.

The film follows five hetero-normative1 couples, the friends, the couple, the exes, the first date, and the roommates; and the film is broken into six parts, prelude, foreplay, sex, interlude, orgasm, afterglow. Each one has their own unique story but no matter what the sex is just a background to the greater goal.

While this film was at the centre of the Bill C-10 controversy where the Conservative government of the time2 was worried that films which didn’t represent the morality of the Canadian public were receiving tax credits and public funding. Due to the name of this film, it was, of course, at the centre of the controversy. However, if anyone in the Conservative government had ever seen any Canadian cinema, they’d understand that “Weird Sex” is such an integral part of the nation’s cinematic output, but “Weird Sex” is never the be-all or end-all of the films. So what is, with this film? Love.

The characters mostly have a strong love for their fuck partner, and the film shows either their progression of realization or their rekindling. The roommates is an interesting one, Gord3 and Innez are dating, and they invite Gord’s roommate Dave to join them in the bedroom. Dave figures, why not. Gord wants to watch his well-endowed roommate have sex with his girlfriend. Gord and Innez, because of this experimentation are able to express for one another their deeper insecurities and and their love for one-another. So while, their story does follow their sex, it’s really about the communication between two loves.

The Friends is my favourite story in the bunch. They’ve known each other for most of their lives, they love each other, but cannot bring themselves to admit it. A quick romp in the sack seems to resolve that. The Couple are filled with their own insecurities and cannot get past themselves to enjoy a love life, but the sex, of course, leads to a better understanding of their own relationship.

Then there’s the First Date. They both think they want a quick fuck, and sure that’s what one wants, the other wants something more, but cannot admit it to himself. He wants love. Leads to a lot of awkwardness.

Fun movie, watch it.

  1. Mostly. []
  2. I write of the time, because I hope that soon, very soon, they’ll be a former government. []
  3. Can’t be more Canadian. []