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Renewing Let’s Encrypt on a macOS machine running 10.12.6 and Server.app

Last time on Never Had To Fight…

Adam installed a certificate using Let’s Encrypt for a macOS server running 10.12.6 and Server.app. It wasn’t exciting, but it worked. Now, three months later, we need to renew.

It was actually really easy.

Renew the certificates

sudo certbot renew

Transfer the .pem files to desktop

Using the cp command enter these to copy your files.

Replace <<FQDN>> with your FQDN. Replace <<USER>> with your username.

sudo cp /etc/letsencrypt/live/<<FQDN>>/privkey.pem /Users/<<USER>>/Desktop/privkey.pem
sudo cp /etc/letsencrypt/live/<<FQDN>>/fullchain.pem /Users/<<USER>>/Desktop/fullchain.pem

Hooray, now these files are on your desktop.

Install Certs

Open Server.app

Go to Certificates.

Click on the +

Choose Import Certificate Identity…

Drag and drop the two .pem files and BAM