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Louis Riel

Louis Riel by Chester Brown

I’ve been wanting to read this book since I first found out it had been written, which was quite some time ago. I had been meaning to borrow it from my employer’s library, but never got around to it. Then I saw it in my sister’s old bedroom1 on her bookshelf. I borrowed it and read it in two days. You might be wondering “who is Louis Riel” and why should I care about him. So let’s get some facts. Basic info Louis Riel was a Métis, educated in Montréal, who returned to his home, the Red River settlement in what was then known as Rupert’s Land. The Métis are… Read More »Louis Riel by Chester Brown

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Louis Riel a traitor? Well yes. An elected member of parliament? Yes. A founder of Manitoba? Yes. A hero? Yes. Why doesn’t he deserve a statue? Ladies! It seems I embody all top four items that you ladies desire in man. Whatcha doin’ tonight? Every wondered why you see a rainbow when watering your lawn? It’s because something is oozing out of the ground. Or, maybe it’s because the water refracts the light. SCIENCE!