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Lee’s Palace

Isobel(le, sans Sebastian)

Isobel Campbell seems to hate Toronto. In 1999, her then-band Belle & Sebastian were scheduled to play a show here, but she got sick, and the band had to cancel what was to be their first Toronto show. The next time they came around to Toronto, they played at one of the city’s worst venues, The Kool Haus. She didn’t seem to be too happy up on stage, and lo and behold, she left the band the next day. Since then Belle & Sebastian have been without a cellist1 and they seem happy about it. A few years later, Campbell was on tour supporting her new record, an album she… Read More »Isobel(le, sans Sebastian)

White Cowbell Oklahoma

On the 19th, I went to see White Cowbell Oklahoma’s anniversary show at Lee’s Palace. One of the best shows I’ve been to in a while. WCO always put on an amazing visual show, which can be seen in more details here.

The Rural Albert Advantage

The ever-wonderful, and amazing Jennifer Polk wrote a review of last night’s Rural Alberta Advantage show. It’s a show I really wish I could have gone to, but things didn’t turn out as I had planned.

Julie Doiron at Lee’s Palace

Jennifer Polk (aka History Jen) reviewed October 27th’s Julie Doiron show with Herman Dune and Shotgun Jimmie. Check it out. Photos by me.