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Ward 29 Debate

Last night, I went to the Ward 29 debate at the Eastminster United Church, around the corner from me. The six candidates were (in alphabetical order, by last name):
Chris Caldwell
Mary Fragedakis
Jane Pitfield
Mike Restivo
John Richardson
Jennifer Wood

None of the candidates are the incumbent, that was Case Ootes, who is retiring.

One thing that bothered me is that all the candidates are upset over how well Toronto’s parking enforcement do their job, and they’d try to get a 10 minute grace period. This is bloody ridiculous, if you park illegally, you park illegally. Don’t expect to not get a ticket if you’re “running in and out.” I was getting home super late from work last night, and en route I needed to visit Graeme and Heather. I stopped at their house, around the corner from me, seeing as I didn’t stop at home, I drove there. They told me about the debate, so we walked together. Graeme warned me that they’re very harsh about ticketing and I should move my car further forward so it didn’t block a bit of the sidewalk. What did I do? I moved my car forward. If I got a ticket, what would I do? Pay it! I made an error, I am responsible for that error.

Mary Fragedakis isn’t a horrible candidate. She’s rather insistent that she’s a small business owner, and felt the need to remind us over and over again. She also seems to not understand what a luxury is, as she stated that a car and house “are not a luxury.” I’d like to remind the candidate that a roof and mobility are not a luxury, and that’s why we have shelters and TTC Wheel-Trans are provided to Toronto’s citizens. A house, however, if it were not a luxury as she implies, why is the City of Toronto not providing me with a house? Why do I live in an apartment? Even though I own a car, I know it is a luxury. I lived for years and years without a car, and if I didn’t work outside of Toronto’s borders, I wouldn’t need a car, or want a car. A car is most certainly a luxury.

Jane Pitfield was awkward, and unsure throughout the whole night. Though she is the most qualified of the candidates, based on her existing political career, I don’t believe her to be the best option to represent Ward 29. Her answers were contradictory, and insightful to her character of speaking before thinking.

Mike Restivo was one of my favourite candidates. He does repair work for a living. Owns a company, repairs POS systems, and PCs. Yet this is his website. HAHAHA! Okay, seriously, here’s his website. I would never trust a man to build, or repair any electronic system who has such little grasp of what a website is. Nor would I trust someone who thinks a blog is a series of static HTML pages. Sigh.

John Richardson is angry, and he’s not going to take it! Richardson is so angry, that he’s unhappy to even be at this event. He didn’t want to be there, and it was damn obvious. He thinks he’s always right, and would rather push ahead with his vision, rather than to examine an issue with a balanced approach. You sir, are not my candidate.

Jennifer Wood is the most visible candidate to me, as her office is across the street. HI JENNY! Within a few seconds of her opening statements we learned two things about her. She’s a lawyer, and teachers Sunday school. RUN FOR THE HILLS! She’s also a small business owner, much like her clone Fragedakis is reluctant to let us forget it.

Finally there’s Chris Caldwell. He studied urban planning, he’s well spoken, his brain seems to be filled with a crazy amount of raw data, and wants to properly evaluate and plan the city. I couldn’t quite put my finger on whether he was left wing or right wing. Simply, he’s an intelligent man, who would be a good representative for the ward in council.

Simply put, please vote, please consider Mr. Caldwell.