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Jekyll is a modern retelling of Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde starring James Nesbitt, and written by Steven Moffat. If you’re unfamiliar with Moffat’s work, what’s wrong with you? He wrote the brilliant sitcom Coupling:

He also wrote the brilliant three episode series Sherlock:

Now he’s the show runner for Doctor Who:

Now back to the subject at hand, Jekyll. Dr. Tom Jackman is already living his double life with his own Mr. Hyde when we meet him. Dr. Jackman brings in a woman (Michelle Ryan *swoon*) to help around the house and  be a middle man to the two sides of Jackman.

Jackman is hiding the fact that he’s married with two children from his alter-ego while trying to reign in the nightmare that is Mr. Hyde.

Nesbitt is wonderful at playing two distinct characters in this series, as he creates unique characters in Jackman & Hyde.

Gina Bellman plays Claire Jackman, Tom’s wife. I have to say I didn’t expect Bellman in a dramatic role to be this good, as I found her unbearable in Coupling, but I think that was the character, not the actress.

The only negatives I can give this series is the terrible, terrible American accents courtesy of Paterson Joseph and Linda Marlowe.