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Harold Ramis


So film 2 in my series of comedy films I should’ve seen a long time ago is Stripes, a comedy about two guys down on their luck who decide the best means to solve their joint problems is to join the army.  Looking at the film as a man who grew up in the ’80s, I can’t help but compare it to Police Academy. The two films are basically the same plots. Group of misfits join a military-like organization, get into trouble, prove themselves, get the respect of their superiors. It’s definitely easy to make these comparisons, but I must also remember that Stripes came first. While I watched Police… Read More »Stripes

Caddy Shack

I decided recently that I should watch a handful of classic comedy films that I’ve never seen. I started with Caddy Shack, because it was the smallest file, and I didn’t have much time between when I could start watching and when I had to be somewhere. It might not have been the shortest of the films, but it was quickest to transfer between machines1. Brief plot synopsis Some young caddy, played by someone, wants to get laid, and wants money. There’s an amazing, rich golfer (Chevy Chase) who also likes sex, and is slightly eccentric. There’s the weird groundkeeper (Bill Murray) who’s in a Looney Tunesesque battle of wits… Read More »Caddy Shack