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Google Sheets

macOS Device Compliance

I use two Smart Groups in Jamf to define how many devices are in compliance in regards to macOS version. The Smart Groups are pretty simple: The problem is that only gives us a snapshot of a moment in time, rather than historical data. My solution was to log that data in a Google Sheet. I created a new Okta Workflow. The Workflow kicks off once a day at 1 am PST. I want to store the date and time, so I need to convert it into the appropriate format. This will give me 2024-04-09 and 10:49:00 PST (based on time I’m writing this). It stores that values as dateReturn… Read More »macOS Device Compliance

Rename Computer using Scripting and Google Sheets

Google has made some changes that made this script not work, but it was an easy fix, once I bothered to look at why it wasn’t working. The page redirects to another page, and thus the cURL doesn’t work as usual. Instead you need to add the redirect flag to the cURL command so, instead of: You want: So the full script would be: