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April 2010, in review

In December, I set goals for myself, how many films to see this year, how many shows to attend, how many records to purchase, and how many books to read. This is the standings, as of the end of February…

Books I read (6/10) – 60%:
Nothing this month.

Films I saw (32/52) – 61%:
The Sweet Hereafter | Originally released 1997   
Nine | Originally released 2009
The Runaways
Sleeper | Originally released 1973

Albums I bought (24/52) – 46%:
“My Father’s House” b/w “The Digger” (Regional 7″ Volume 2) by $100   
What The Boat Gave The River by Mark Berube & The Patriotic Few   
new EP by Fred Squire   

Shows I attended (14/52) – 27%:
Daniel, Fred & Julie (w/ Baby Eagle & Jerry Leger) @ The Horseshoe Tavern; April 16, 2010   
The Cheap Speakers (w/ Mark Berube and The Patriotic Few, Lordy Lordy & Big Crimes) @ El Mocambo; April 17, 2010   
Sloan, The Meligrove Band, Adam Green & Valery Gore @ Sonic Boom; April 18, 2010   
Daniel, Fred & Julie @ Soundscapes; April 26, 2010   

Romano, Squire & Doiron

Went to Daniel, Fred & Julie at the Horseshoe Tavern tonight. First up was Jerry Leger who was whiney, and kind of annoying. He seemed to play FOREVER, and I got there mid-way through his set.

Next up was Baby Eagle who just bored me. Their frontman is apparently in The Constantines, and I’m one of the three people in Canada who are not fans of The Constantines. Have you heard their side of the split 12″ they did with the Unintended? LAME.

Finally, we had Daniel Romano1, Fred Squire2 and Julie Doiron3. Stunning. They were absolutely, unequivocally stunning. This folk trio were able to harmonize and along with acoustic guitar and electric guitar were able to quiet the Horseshoe Tavern enough that the mirrors in SLR cameras were always heard. Not mine, I didn’t bring mine, that photo is from a solo Julie show.

Umm, what else to say? They played much from the album, but in addition, they each took a turn to play two songs on their own. Doiron chose to play new songs, one of which was heard at that tiny bar on Parliament she played a few months back, you know the one, where Gentleman Reg joined her on stage4. The new songs are damn good, and if quality continues could eclipse I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, which being a damn good album, is still nowhere near as awesome as Woke Myself Up.

Fred Squire decided to play songs on a new EP. I don’t know if that EP is a Calm Down, It’s Monday EP, or what, but the songs were really good. I’ve never been as impressed with Squires songs as I was tonight.

Daniel Romano was a bit of an exception to the night, he was incredible, but his two songs seemed to be extensions of the D,F&J record.

Overall, fabulous show. Perhaps it shouldn’t have been at the ‘Shoe, but I can’t think of where else to have put them.

  1. You might have heard of him, he’s in Attack in Black. They opened for Thrush Hermit on Saturday… thanks Meghan for reminding me of that. []
  2. This guy used to be in Shotgun & Jaybird, now he’s in Calm Down, It’s Monday. []
  3. You probably know her from her brilliant solo career, or when she called herself Broken Girl, or when she was the bass player for Eric’s Trip, or when she was in Shotgun & Jaybird, or when she was in Clam Down, It’s Monday, or the record she did with Mount Eerie. []
  4. By stage, I mean corner. []