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Entire Cities

#Rocktober 30 volume 06: Entire Cities, Government, and The Nick

This month I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, Iā€™m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce. After work, I went to Jackman Public School and voted. YES! My candidate won the riding. I then dined at Toronto’s best restaurant, The Old Nick. From there I chilled until it was time to head to the Horseshoe where rock and roll was to be had, and rock and roll was had. I saw Entire Cities (who I nearly called The Entire Cities). The were fun as usual. It felt like old times as I think the majority of the songs were from Deep River, their previous album. They… Read More »#Rocktober 30 volume 06: Entire Cities, Government, and The Nick

Entire Cities

Hey Entire Cities, Months ago, you were kind enough to put me on the guest list for your vinyl release. I promised to buy the record at a later date (Caroline was just injured, and I was running low on funds), here’s some proof that I eventually did buy it. Yours, Adam On that note, friends, and readers, you should check out Entire Cities at Lansdowne Syndrome tomorrow.

Mix albums!

I recently reconnected with an old friend, from back in my high school days. We never went to school together, after all, she was, and still is far off in a foreign country. So I made Beth this mix, but I didn’t know what I might have sent her all those years ago, so I decided to limit myself to nothing older than 2000. I also didn’t know what she had been listening to since then, so I decided to limit the selection to Canadian music. “The Indie Queens Are Waiting” by Dan Mangan This is my favourite Dan Mangan song, and I’ve been on a bit of a kick… Read More »Mix albums!

I’m my brother’s snakeskin motherfucker!

Entire Cities are a band of varying mass who’s songwriter and frontman, Simon Borer, has an incredible knack of creating country-laced punk rock, that will easily have the audience dancing. The last time I saw them, they were playing Legion Hall to celebrate the release of their first full-length record, Deep River. It was about a year and half ago when they released that fabulous album, and its found a place in heavy rotation among my collection. Last night was to celebrate the release of Deep River on white vinyl. Over the past year and a half, the band has changed dramatically. Only four members are still in the band… Read More »I’m my brother’s snakeskin motherfucker!