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Recollection Volume 27 – Roses In The Snow

Recollection is a project to review my record collection. I will listen to an album I own and review it. The album will be chosen randomly by computron. Today computron chooses…

Album: Roses In The Snow
Artist: Emmylou Harris
Released: 1980
Format(s) I own it on: Vinyl

Roses In The SnowMuch like Luxury Liner, this is an album I’ve barely listened to. It’s been in my collection since I bought it used years ago. Sadly I’ve never put this on my computer, and I can’t seem to find a torrent of it.

Roses In The Snow is a bit more traditional than Luxury Liner. It’s got a lot of bluegrass and gospel influence to the record. The album is more bluegrass than one would expect from Emmylou Harris, but it seems to work extremely well.

With a Paul Simon song, Ralph Stanley, Louvin Brothers, and many more. Harris really excels at selecting her material, and this is another album that really showcases that talent of hers.

Not only does she select songs that are to be expected of her, but she also selects songs like “The Boxer.” At first listen, one wouldn’t expect her to be able to make “The Boxer” her own, but she does. More on that later.

When you flip over to side two, you face a wall of fiddle. It comes at you like a pack of bulls, and it’s one of the greatest feelings. To have those fiddles fill your ear holes, and suddenly to have some killer guitar playing, too.

The harmonies on the album are just fantastic.


“Green Pastures” is a classic gospel song that perfectly highlights the beauty of Harris’ voice.

When I saw Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Boxer” on the tracklist, I was honestly scared, but the melody is note-for-note exactly like the classic song, Harris just changes the instrumentation. Replacing them with traditional country instrumentation, the song translates amazingly.


There really are none.

Men 20.25 (75%) | Women 6.75 (25%)
CD: 15.5 (57%) | Vinyl: 9.5 (35%) | Digital: 0 (0%) | 7″: 1 (4%) | Box: 1 (4%)
1960s: 3 (11%) | 1970s: 2 (7%) | 1980s: 1 (4%) | 1990s: 8 (30%) | 2000s: 13 (48%) | 2010s: 0 (0%)
Canada 7.8 (29%) | USA 13.2 (48%) | UK 5 (19%) | NZ 1 (4%)
Ontario 3 (38%) | Quebec 0 (0%) | Nova Scotia 3 (38%) | New Brunswick 1 (12%) | Manitoba 0 (0%) | British Columbia 0 (0%) | Prince Edward Island 0 (0%)
Saskatchewan 0 (0%) | Alberta 0 (0%) | Newfoundland and Labrador 1 (12%) | Northwest Territories 0 (0%) | Yukon 0 (0%) | Nunavut 0 (0%)

Recollection Volume 5 – Luxury Liner

Recollection is a project to review my record collection. I will listen to an album I own and review it. The album will be chosen randomly by computron. Today computron chooses… 

Album: Luxury Liner
Artist: Emmylou Harris
Released: 1977
Format(s) I own it on: Vinyl

luxuryLiner300Emmylou Harris’s career was defined by her professional relationship with Gram Parsons. She was the voice that made his songs ache so much. Their vocal harmonies were ideal. This was Harris’s fourth album and it featured two Parsons songs, the title track, and the classic Flying Burrito Brothers song “She.”

As much of a fan as I am for both Parsons and Harris, I have barely listened to this record. I believe I bought it used, played it once, and haven’t put it on the turntable again. I picked up the record and was immediately blown away by the list of songwriters. Gram Parsons, Townes Van Zandt, Susanna Clark, Chuck Berry, The Louvin Brothers, and of course, Emmylou, herself.

The songwriters are good, and the songs are even better. It starts a cover of The International Submarine Band’s “Luxury Liner” and she perhaps does it even better than Gram Parsons did on the original. She also covers “She” from Gram Parson’s classic solo record Grievous Angel.


“She” and “Luxury Liner,” duh. It is Gram Parsons after all.

“Pancho & Lefty” is a gorgeous Townes Van Zandt song I had never heard before. “Making Believe” by Jimmy Work was the hit single from the record, and deserves to be.


The only one I’d say is Chuck Berry’s “(You Never Can Tell) C’est La Vie,” yet there is still something rather charming about this song.

Emmylou is awesome.

Men 3 (60%) | Women 2 (40%)
Canada 2 (40%) | USA 2.33 (47%) | UK 0.66 (13%)
Ontario0 (0%) | Quebec0 (0%) | Nova Scotia2 (100%) | New Brunswick0 (0%) | Manitoba0 (0%) | British Columbia0 (0%) | Prince Edward Island0 (0%) | Saskatchewan0 (0%) | Alberta0 (0%) | Newfoundland and Labrador0 (0%)
Northwest Territories0 (0%) | Yukon0 (0%) | Nunavut0 (0%)