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Doctor Who Serial 189 – Partners in Crime

Donna, don’t use your real name. Look at the Doctor, he’s using John Smith.

Who on earth would be dumb enough to print an entire customer database without your boss’s approval. Now as for sales calls, why are they? They’re selling a miracle diet pill. It will sell like crazy, and just sell it online. Also, why is it so small? that was like four sheets of paper, and Donna took both hers and the Doctors, so their client list fits on two sheets of A4.

How does Adipose Industries have authorization for to have a siren on their vehicle?

The Adipose are adorable.

You can tell that drivers in this shared universe have never driven in snow. In Torchwood they lock the wheels when stopping. In this they spin out.

Donna’s mom is terrible. BUT NOW IT’S TIME FOR WILFRED! One of the best companions for Tennant.

Tell your grandfather, Donna!

I love how oblivious Donna is.

The miming scene between Donna and the Doctor is the greatest.

They fill the door with bullets, but when they push it, it doesn’t fail because of the bullet holes, it just falls because it was never on hinges or latched.

I forgot how much fun Donna was.

The problem with this story is if they just asked nicely and only took excessive fat from people and not other organic matter, they’d have millions (billions?) of volunteers.

Aww, Wilfred missed the UFO.

I love that Donna is moving out.

*gasp* It’s Rose!

I love Wilfred.

Doctor Who Serial 178 – The Runaway Bride

This is a nice break from Torchwood. This aired between the 11th and 12th episodes of Torchwood, so I’m hopping over to some more family friendly fare. I’m going to post all the spinoffs by season, so expect season 1 of Torchwood to appear here soon.

Donna Nobel coming into the TARDIS and yelling at the Doctor is the best.

“Dumbo” is a weird comment on Tennant, maybe Eccleston.

Donna’s shock at the TARDIS being bigger on the inside is the best.

This is so anxiety-inducing.

The Doctor should get an app instead of using strings to pilot the TARDIS, which I don’t quite understand how that works, but you know, it’s Doctor Who.

Donna needs to chill out.

She hates Christmas, and yet she plays Christmas music at her wedding?

Why would anyone applaud when she starts crying? I really don’t get that. Is that a weird British thing?

That cell phone was not meant for internet.

I can’t believe Donna didn’t invite her grandfather. He would have had a great time.

Oh god, I hate the Spider Lady.

I know Lance is evil, but I feel bad for him being in a relationship with Donna.

The weird ad for Segways is weird.

Lance is an asshole.

“Who is this little physician?”

The spider thinks she’s Popeye… “ugg-gug-gug-gug”

If there’s one thing I can say about the relaunch of Doctor Who, they really nailed the hokeyness of the original.

And this Christmas, it’s fine for Humans to defend themselves.

I really enjoy someone rejecting the Doctor.


“Her name was Rose.”