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Doctor Who Serial 178 – The Runaway Bride

This is a nice break from Torchwood. This aired between the 11th and 12th episodes of Torchwood, so I’m hopping over to some more family friendly fare. I’m going to post all the spinoffs by season, so expect season 1 of Torchwood to appear here soon.

Donna Nobel coming into the TARDIS and yelling at the Doctor is the best.

“Dumbo” is a weird comment on Tennant, maybe Eccleston.

Donna’s shock at the TARDIS being bigger on the inside is the best.

This is so anxiety-inducing.

The Doctor should get an app instead of using strings to pilot the TARDIS, which I don’t quite understand how that works, but you know, it’s Doctor Who.

Donna needs to chill out.

She hates Christmas, and yet she plays Christmas music at her wedding?

Why would anyone applaud when she starts crying? I really don’t get that. Is that a weird British thing?

That cell phone was not meant for internet.

I can’t believe Donna didn’t invite her grandfather. He would have had a great time.

Oh god, I hate the Spider Lady.

I know Lance is evil, but I feel bad for him being in a relationship with Donna.

The weird ad for Segways is weird.

Lance is an asshole.

“Who is this little physician?”

The spider thinks she’s Popeye… “ugg-gug-gug-gug”

If there’s one thing I can say about the relaunch of Doctor Who, they really nailed the hokeyness of the original.

And this Christmas, it’s fine for Humans to defend themselves.

I really enjoy someone rejecting the Doctor.


“Her name was Rose.”

Doctor Who Story 177 – Army of Ghosts/Doomsday


Torchwood are a bunch of assholes.

Army of Ghosts

“Planet Earth, this is where I was born, and this is where I die.” No, you’re going to die on a parallel earth.

You didn’t die, and you can’t narrate your own death! This whole terrible thread is making me look forward to Billie leaving.

I do love Martha.

Jackie kissing the Doctor is amazing.

Yay! The Torchwood theme song.

Freema’s a babe!

The Doctor is more Scooby Doo than Ghostbuster.

She’s wearing two bluetooth headsets. That just seems silly. Also, remember bluetooth headsets?

I think that’s the first “allons y.”

I love Jackie as “Rose.”

I want real Martha. The one who is a doctor, like the Doctor.

That might be the only time I’ve been happy to see Mickey Smith.

Daleks and Cybermen, whee!

I’m enjoying this episode more than I remembered.


Bad guys are coming.


Stop being so dramatic, not-dead Rose!

Things this is not: The story of how you died.

“Cybermen will remove sex?” I did not sign up for that.

The conversation between Daleks and Cybermen is terrible and takes too long. Okay, the Daleks saying “this isn’t war, this is pest control” is brilliant.

“Social interaction will cease.”

Aww, Jackie and Pete love one another.

I enjoy the Dalek shouting “Elevate.”

They should’ve just rigged up a remote starter and done it from the other room.

“Emergency temporal shift” is a good way to keep the Daleks going. They usually don’t bother in Doctor Who, though.

Why was Pete not sucked into the void?

I know he never got to say it, but god damn, they never should have made it that he was about to say it. Stupid Doctor loving his companion. He didn’t even love Susan, and she was his granddaughter.



Well, if I watch one video a day, I’ll be done by January 2022. Unless I die of COVID first.

I assume that was a hair stylist, but it really looked like Billie was getting a great scalp massage.

This is a lot about Torchwood, the show. I assume at some point they’ll discuss Rose leaving the show, but there’s only 10 minutes left. Make that 5 minutes left. There we go. Okay, we’re back at Canary Wharf, but no talk about Rose, and we’re down to three minutes now.

Oh, this is the wrong episode. This is the Confidential for part one, I don’t have the next one.