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Christopher Eccleston

Doctor Who Story 157 – Rose

Episode Hey! It’s time for a new Doc! The quick day in the life is a great way to get to know Rose and she’s our point of entry for so many new fans to Doctor Who. We see Jackie, and learn that Micky is obnoxious in the matter of seconds. We know she’s working a shitty job in retail and hates it. Why is the CEO’s office inside the Hydro locker? My office has one of those and no one but Toronto Hydro has the key, so it would be strange if my boss used that as his office. Oh man, the Doctor’s “RUN!” is one of the great… Read More »Doctor Who Story 157 – Rose

Lennon Naked

I recently reviewed the film Nowhere Boy, the prequel to Backbeat. In my review I stated: Now it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Backbeat, but if I recall, the band went on to be rather big, maybe it’s time for a sequel studying that part of their career. This film did just that. The film starts in 1964, when John Lennon meets his father for the first time in 17 years. While Nowhere Boy examined Lennon’s relationship with his mother, Lennon Naked is about his relationship with his father. The film follows some key events in the life of Lennon’s up until 1971 when Lennon and his wife Yoko… Read More »Lennon Naked

The Doctor & Rose

The Doctor Is Out

“Happy New Year,” says a smiling young girl to a drunken stranger. “And you,” the stranger replies before asking “what year is this?” “2005, January the first” she says. “I bet you’re going to have a really great year,” says the Doctor to his long-time friend and companion. In 2005 a legend returned to the screen. A Time Lord, from the planet Gallifrey, entered his TARDIS and travelled about Space and Time. Russell T. Davies was responsible for “regenerating” this long-dead mythos for television. After cancellation in 1989 and a failed attempt in 1996, it was long thought in the fan community that Doctor Who would never rise again. The… Read More »The Doctor Is Out