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Richard Bell

Do yourself a favour, world. If you’re ever going to write a blog post about how awesome someone is, make sure that the next time you see them, you recognize them. I wrote a blog post about an author who I knew once upon a time from when I worked in sales, and her publisher even linked to it. Then I saw her on the weekend, and I didn’t recognize her. *facepalm* So, because of that, I’m going to prove that I have a horrible memory by writing about my other favourite customer from my times at That Shithole. Imagine a strange man coming up to you in your workplace,… Read More »Richard Bell

Maury Chaykin

This past Tuesday, the world lost an incredible actor, Maury Chaykin. The actor has appeared in so many films, to list his credits would be useless. If you’ve seen Atom Egoyan or Don McKellar films, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Chaykin’s work. If you’re a fan of Canadian cinema in general, you’ll have seen Chaykin. The man’s been described best as a character actor, always playing different roles without a single role defining who he is. It’s perhaps his unique look, the rotund man who could either look sinister or jolly at the flip of a switch. He’s so very identifiable, and without the rugged good looks of a… Read More »Maury Chaykin