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Ben Gunning

Ben Gunning (with Matt Murphy)

A long time ago, in the mythical 1990s, there were a couple bands who took my heart by storm. The Flashing Lights and The Local Rabbits. The two bands would frequently play shows together around Toronto. Sunday night the frontmen from those two bands played two sets at The Drake Hotel to kick off Ben Gunning’s residency. Matt Murphy started off the night, he who was formerly in The Flashing Lights, was playing along with his acoustic guitar, and though I’ve seen this man perform countless times and in many different genres and band setups, I had never before seem him performing alone, with a guitar. Murphy started off the… Read More »Ben Gunning (with Matt Murphy)

Mal De Mer

Ben Gunning has posted some of my photos on his website. If you already saw those on Flickr or Facebook, they’re the same, but if you haven’t check ’em out at On that note, check out Ben Gunning’s new record Mal De Mer.

January 2010, in review

In December, I set goals for myself, how many films to see this year, how many shows to attend, how many records to purchase, and how many books to read. This is the standings, as of the end of January… Books I read (1/10 – 10%): Animal Farm by George Orwell | Originally published 1945 Films I saw (11/52 – 21%): It’s Complicated | Originally released 2009 Magicians | Originally released 2007 A Single Man | Originally released 2009 Fantastic Mr. Fox | Originally released 2009 After Elizabeth II (Documentary, from CBC Doc Zone) Crazy Heart | Originally released 2009 Brüno | Originally released 2009 Dan In Real Life |… Read More »January 2010, in review

Ben Gunning

Went to see Ben Gunning last night, he was releasing his second solo record, Mal De Mer. He played the complete record. For more photos, click here.

Egge & Elkas

I didn’t bring my camera tonight, but I went down to the Rivoli to see Anna Egge and Peter Elkas. Anna has a beautiful voice, and a handful of really good songs, but I’m not sure if I’m totally sold on her. Perhaps it’s partially because she kinda looks like a woman I work with, who I’m not too fond of. Perhaps it’s her songs. I dunno. Either way, her set was enjoyable, but nothing to write home about. She wins bonus points for the cover of Belle & Sebastian’s “A Summer Wasting” found on her MySpace. Peter’s set, however, was fabulous as always. His band were a three-piece, and… Read More »Egge & Elkas