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Doctor Who Serial 113 – Warriors’ Gate

Part One This feels like a Beckett play. “We have lift off,” two bored dudes shout, “yay!” Okay as this goes on, this feels more and more like a Beckett play. Every time they say “time winds” I assume they are talking about “time farts.” The dude just said more people were coming. Why don’t Adric or Romana think it’ll happen? “Give me a printout.” Part Two Cobwebs and skeletons, they’re covered in grime1. Vladimir and Estrogan are still sitting in the same spot, providing commentary. I think I missed something, why is K9 walking backwards? “This is important, I need you to do it.” “Energy levels critical.” “Oh, come… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 113 – Warriors’ Gate

Doctor Who Serial 112 – State of Decay

Part One This felt like Monty Python for a second. The Great One is rising, and wikipedia told me that he is a vampire. I’m afraid of this episode. I hope it’s not as bad as… “Immature humanoid, non-hostile.” K9 is very descriptive about Adric. Oh man! That cross dissolve to the bat was supposed to be dramatic… it was not. C’mon Adric, they’re giving you soup, now you’re asking for cheese? Part Two You call that a tower? My apartment building is much bigger. Romana needs to learn how to clink glasses without cutting herself. I’m liking Adric. Part Three People too often want to share power with the… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 112 – State of Decay

Doctor Who Serial 111 – Full Circle

Part One Apparently it’s Adric’s first episode. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. Let’s find out. Who blocked this shot? The Doctor is having a conversation with K9 and he’s hidden. I like that Romana wants to stay on the TARDIS, but the Doctor should help her. As those people stacking watermelons? Are they fishing for watermelons? Or is that squash? Yes, definitely squash. Doctor Who‘s incidental music is some of the worst incidental music. Part Two This episode is very boring. That dude looks like Peter Davison. Part Three Oh, the squash is an egg for terrible arachnid puppets. Oh no! They’re attacking Romana! This set is… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 111 – Full Circle