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Adam Mitchell

Doctor Who Story 162 – The Long Game

Episode Rose and the Doctor teaming up impress Adam is fun, even though Adam sucks. He must be the only Adam to suck, because Adams are great. The Face of Boe is pregnant, that’s lovely for Jack! I forgot Simon Pegg was in this. Why does he look so weird? Apparently in 2019 the microprocessor became redundant. I wish that were the case. Hey, it’s Fran from Black Books. Tamsin Greig is great. Central heating is not plumbing, it’s HVAC! Why is cooling a problem on a space station? Couldn’t they just vent out some of the heat, or pass the air through something that isn’t shielded outside to cool… Read More »Doctor Who Story 162 – The Long Game

Doctor Who Story 161 – Dalek

Episode I can’t believe Adam is considered a companion and I have to list him in the tags. It’s in 2012. The future… or so I thought. Damn, it’s now 2021. I’m old. Guards show up and point guns at you, you say to your alien companion “someone’s collecting aliens, that makes you exhibit A.” What a stupid and dangerous thing to say. They don’t know he’s alien. Metaltron is a terrible name. I remember this episode being a huge deal. The Dalek is so sad when he says, “I am alone in the universe.” The guy says that the lock has a billion possible combinations. The Doctor replies that… Read More »Doctor Who Story 161 – Dalek