Hot Tub Time Machine

I went into this film with some high expectations, but was still skeptical enough to not see it during its initial theatrical run, and instead saw it at Toronto’s Bloor Cinema. What I didn’t expect was to see such perfection. I haven’t laughed so hard at a film in a long time, especially not in a theatre. One joke that literally had me in stitches was such an obvious joke and was even in the trailer, “What colour is Michael Jackson?” but the execution was done so perfectly that it led to such hilarity.

For those who don’t remember, the 1980s was the worst decade in all human history. One of the only good things to come from that decade is me. The fashion was a crime on humanity, and it’s exhibited so well in this film, the music included Poison, and nothing more should be said about that. There is, however, one other thing that came from the 1980s which we all can agree is a masterpiece1 is the 1985 feature film Back To The Future.

Back To The Future is a film about Marty McFly, a teenager in the 1980s, who’s older mad scientist friend, Doc Brown, builds a time machine. McFly takes the time machine for a spin, and ends up in 1955, where he accidentally prevents his parents from meeting, and his teenage mother then falls in love with him. Before McFly fades into the abyss of time, he must repair the damage he’s done, and return to 1985.

Hot Tub Time Machine plays homage to this film and sends it up in ways otherwise unimaginable. Three of the characters take over their lives at the time, while the fourth, who has yet to be born, is fading in and out of time.

Crispin Glover (George McFly) plays a rather large role in the film, too.

  1. Other than me, of course. []

Thrust Hermit, Jalebait & Flasher Lights

Continuing the theme of “day off equals photo fun,” I took the opportunity to take some photos with my friend Allegra. This beautiful young lady is a music nerd and a student. She has a love of bands from Nova Scotia, but not so much the women of that province.

She’s also single!

Music Monday

Today we celebrate the life of Canada’s first head of state, Queen Victoria.

The Sex Pistols sing their anthem to the monarcy.

Dan Mangan sings about another kind of queen.

Finally, The Queen herself gets her say.

I will be able to see and hear everything they taste and smell!

I seem to have been blessed with beautiful friends. As someone who likes taking pictures, this is a good thing. Fortunately Natalia, pictured above has a fashion blog that requires photos. She also lives across the street from me. She’s also in a rockin’ band who I get to photograph often.

With Wednesday being Shavuot, and myself being a rather unreligious Jew, I took the opportunity of a day off and hung out with Natalia eating some tasty Italian cuisine and taking photographs.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I now present, sexy…

Walk on down the road

Kristin, Adam, Cari, Emily, and I took a walk down Broadview and Queen streets. We took photos. Here are some of my favourites.

Heather, Heather, we belong together like sex and violence, like death and silence.

I’ve been trying to find some time to hang out with my friend Heather and take some photos. She was over, along with her husband Graeme and our mutual friend Vince. Here’s some shots of Heather and/or Vince.

Blue Fog Review Part II

On Friday night I went to see the Blue Fog Review at Lee’s Palace. I had previously upload photos from before $100’s set. Here’s $100 and Rick White.

Music Monday

Music Go Music have a more traditional music video,

but it’s not as much fun as their previous ones.

I like that chicken guy’s in both.

Now that we’re done with that, how about some You Say Party, We Say Die?

Or, how about The Beatles?

It don’t matter if our love’s true

Went to the Blue Fog Review at Lee’s Palace last night. It was my opportunity to road test my new 50mm 1.8 lens. I took over 600 photos. I’ve only had a chance to go through the pre-$100 photos. Until I get a chance to post the $100 photos, you can enjoy a recording, courtesy of Mechanical Forest Sound. Here’s $100 performing “Hell’s A Place,” a song about Lesbian love; and here’s Rick White with $100 performing “Sorry We Missed You.”


Self portraits

I’ve been playing with some self-portraits as of late, because I haven’t had any models around. Though I do have some photo sessions lined up with some friends. I decided to buy some new equipment I had been craving for some time. I started with a 50mm prime lens. It’s the standard lens that everyone has, and the fact that the aperture opens to 1.8 should make it nice for concert photography. I know that it’s a cheap lens, and I don’t expect to last decades, but it’s a start. Maybe when it dies, I’ll be rich and can afford the 50mm 1.21.

I also purchased a cheap remote for the camera, enabling me to capture photos from a distance. Unfortunately, the remote is infrared, like a television remote control, which means that it needs a direct line of sight. This requires some hiding on my part. However, this can help considerably with camera shake if I want to capture something at a low shutter speed. I don’t expect to get much use out of it, but it’s already been worth the investment. Running from the tripod to wherever I’m posing was enough to drive me crazy.

My final purchase was what I was most thrilled for. I bought a Bowens Gemini 200 light. It spits out up to 200 joules (or watt seconds in the photo world) and you can dial it down considerably. The flash also includes a modelling light. I bought an umbrella to go with it, but I can’t figure out how to attach it, so the above photo is with a direct light. It’s at the brightest light, shooting at f16, 100 ISO and if I remember correctly the shutter speed was something along the lines of 1/250 of a second. If I didn’t purposely want to wash out half of my face, that means I could’ve put my shutter at some stupid fast speed and still had a good picture. I like this light.

Where the hell is your pupil?

Good question, the unphotoshopped photo can be found here2. I was trying to make a logo in Photoshop for NHTF, which I could possibly use as a watermark, nothing came up that I liked, but then I decided to try to remove those wisps of hair coming down over my mouth, I wasn’t doing too well. I need to work on my Photoshop skills3, instead, I decided that I didn’t need a pupil.

So, who wants to model for me?

  1. Probably not. []
  2. Well, that’s a lie, I did remove the photo frame that was behind my head. []
  3. Or I need to upgrade to CS5, and use those newfangled tools. []