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Doctor Who Story 002 – The Daleks

Plot Synopsis: The crew find themselves on an alien world in an alien forest where the vegetation has turned to stone. While his companions wish to leave and search for home, The Doctor is insistent they travel to the city. There they encounter The Daleks, a species of mutated organic beings encased in a metal box. Only on story 2 and we already see the most iconic of Doctor Who baddies. The first episode is filled mostly with exposition and positioning the characters where they need to go. The audience learns the planet is flooded with radiation, while the characters are oblivious. We see The Doctor sabotage the TARDIS to… Read More »Doctor Who Story 002 – The Daleks

Doctor Who Story 001 – An Unearthly Child Parts 2-4

Synopsis: A tribe of cave people have lost the knowledge of how to make fire creating a power vacuum within the tribe. The Doctor is kidnapped after being observed using matches. He must make fire for the cave people or die. We see an interesting power struggle between Cal and Za. Neither of these characters can control fire, but one is the son of the now-deceased fire-maker and the other a great hunter. Paralleling that, there’s a power struggle between Ian and The Doctor. At first, Ian is adamant that they’re not possibly standing in a time machine, and that they’re still in 1963 London, while The Doctor knows the TARDIS… Read More »Doctor Who Story 001 – An Unearthly Child Parts 2-4

Doctor Who Story 001 – An Unearthly Child Part 1

After watching the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, I felt it was only appropriate to go back to the beginnings in 1963. Aired on November 23, 1963, Doctor Who told the story of Susan Foreman, an eccentric girl from an alien world who arises the suspicions of her teachers. Most stories I will treat a whole, but “An Unearthly Child” is really two stories, the pilot and the cavemen stories that are episodes 2-4. So let’s start with episode 1. The premise of this story is a bit ridiculous. Two teachers, Ian and Barbara are concerned with their student Susan. She eccentric. She thinks the UK is on the… Read More »Doctor Who Story 001 – An Unearthly Child Part 1

Turnabout GIF

Another animated GIF, this time from the final Original Series episode “Turnabout Intruder.”

Doctor Twelve

I’m likely to use an awful lot of – what we would call – violent sexual imagery. They’ve announced the twelfth Doctor and it’s Peter Capaldi! You might recall him from The Thick of It, which really is a brilliant show. Peter Capaldi played Malcolm Tucker, the foul-mouthed Scottish Communications Director for the UK’s PMO. Here’s a sampling. This will be a fun few years.

Is There In Truth No Beauty

Watching original Star Trek. Not the best episode, but I had to make two more animated GIFs…


Orange Is The New Black

I’ve been powering through NetFlix’s new TV show Orange Is The New Black. The show is about a woman in her early 30s, starting a new business, found the man to spend her life with, suddenly has to come to terms with mistakes from her past. Piper Chapman spent much of her early 20s in a relationship with Alex Vause, a beautiful drug smuggler. Vause fingers her as a money smuggler, and Chapman finds herself beginning a new life in prison. The format for the show is to tell a story in present day prison, while flashing back to the story of how an inmate got into prison. The first episode… Read More »Orange Is The New Black

Curtis from Twitch City

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are fun to make. I’ve made a few over the past few months. First we have a clip from the brilliant CBC show Twitch City. Just before this clip, Hope shows Curtis what TV was like before the cats took over. He gets excited seeing human TV. I don’t remember why Fry turned into a centipede, but I enjoyed it enough to make an animated GIF. This might have been the first I made. My Twitter friend1 tweeted about how awesome Sulu’s shrug and smile is here, so I made her a GIF. Finally, I just made this one. This is the full Shatner! Read: Fake Friend [↩]

Cougar Town

I’ve debating ditching Cougar Town (and a few other shows) because it’s just not that good. Sure it’s fun, and silly, but it’s no Community. I did decide to download the latest episode, and was quite pleased. While the story wasn’t great, and I’m not too fond of any of the mains, but Ted from Scrubs returned. In addition Sarah Chalke who starred in Scrubs was in the episode, and then at the end there was Dr. Kelso, and The Todd, and JD, and, and, and. It was kinda awesome!

taH pagh taHbe’

Congratulations to Christopher Plummer on his Oscar. As good as you were in The Beginners, to me, you will always be General Chang.