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Information Technology

Being There

What’s a good level between easy of use and security? I’m not sure. I’ve installed reCAPTCHA on instance of WordPress, I don’t think it’ll stay, I just wanted to try it out and see if it works. It does. I installed it on Being There’s instance of WordPress and there it’ll live, but is it too annoying for the average user, thus stopping them from commenting?


The best captcha I have ever seen…

Ankle: The Font

OMG! I love this! You can make your own font here.

“I Am The Teacher” by The Germans

HistoryJen posted an article for a contest she’s running for free tickets to see Schomberg Fair and The Germans at The Garrison, here in Toronto. She concluded it with the following video by The Germans. I had to post it, too.

The Wave

Google Wave is kinda boring on your own. Who wants to befriend me? My account is google at mydomain dot calm. I also have eight invites. Who wants one?

Google Go

Google’s announced a new programming language… Umm, wtf?